Carrot Food bag sealing clip, 5 PCs

Carrot Food bag sealing clip, 5 PCs

With the sealing clip to keep food fresh, prevent overflow, and solve many troubles in life.
5 sealing clips, a small transparent plastic box for storage, and a magnet on the back of the small box, which can be attached to the refrigerator for easy use.


  • ▶High-quality materials: Made of environmentally friendly polypropylene (pp) materials, non-toxic, strong materials, and no peculiar smell, will not cause harm to children and you.
  • ▶Easy to store and compact: Our sliding bag sealing clip is very easy to use, compact and lightweight, and easy to carry. Seal those snacks when taking them on a trip without worrying about them being scattered everywhere.
  • ▶Multi-purpose: Our food bag holder is a practical kitchen accessory with good airtightness and reusability. So you can keep all kinds of food fresh for a longer period of time and keep it in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer.
  • ▶Suitable for plastic bags of various sizes: Suitable for snack bags, grain bags, fresh and frozen food, baked goods, dry food bags, pet food bags, etc. Avoid food or milk powder from moisture and insects. It can help you store food without worrying about different tastes.
  • ▶Easy to use: Snap-on design, good elasticity, making it easy to open and close. No need to roll up the bag opening, just hook the bag opening and lock the buckle.


  • Material: PP

  • Design: Carrot

  • Weight: 0.44lb

  • Size: 1* 4.3Inches

  • Packet: 5* Carrot Food bag sealing clip

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