Christmas Inflatable Reindeer Antler / Rabbit Ears

Christmas Inflatable Reindeer Antler / Rabbit Ears

$19.99 $29.99
$19.99 $29.99


Add fun to your Christmas party with this inflatable ring toss game. Let's play Christmas reindeer/Rabbit ears games.Throw the round rings onto the large reindeer antlers/rabbit ears on your friend's head and take turns wearing the antlers/rabbit ears to make your own games. They will bring joy to your Christmas party!


  • Inflatable Reindeer Antler / Rabbit ears toss game is lightweight and portable, a good interactive game, can wear this Antler on their head or toss them with your kids at Christmas party, the player who gets the most rings around the flamingo wins a prize!
  • Cute Antlers/ Rabbit earsdesign and fun game experience, increase the happy festival atmosphere at Christmas party! Great for birthday Xmas school carnival classroom active, indoor and outdoor game event.
  • Ring toss game is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Easy to Inflate and deflate.


  • Product Name: antler ferrule
  • Product material: PVC
  • Product weight: About 100g
  • Product size: about 88cm long and 33cm high after inflation
  • The diameter of the head cover circle is about 23cm. The red green circle is about 18cm
  • Product Description: the new plastic products will have peculiar smell, which will fade away when placed.

Matters needing attention:

  • Please select a high temperature environment 24 hours after receiving the first inflation. When the temperature is low, the inflatable toys will harden.
  • Inflate properly. Don't overfill. Do not exceed 90% at most to prevent damage.
  • Do not jump on inflatable products.
  • Do not place inflatable products near flames or hot objects.
  • Avoid damaging the surface of inflatable toys by sharp objects.
  • When the temperature is below zero in cold area in winter, soak it in warm water, wash it into the air and dry it.
  • There is no free air cylinder.Additional purchase if necessary.


  • 1*Inflatable Reindeer Antler with 4 rings
  • 1*Inflatable Rabbit Ears with 4 rings
  • 3*Inflatable Reindeer Antlers with 12 rings
  • 3*Inflatable Rabbit Ears with 12 rings

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