Long-Handled Toilet Brush

Long-Handled Toilet Brush

$13.99 $25.99
$13.99 $25.99


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The revolutionary new golf brush head toilet brush gives you an extraordinary cleaning experience!


  • High quality material: TPR bristles for a soft new experience, making housework easier without causing damage to the glazed toilet bowl. The bristles are not easily tangled and have a stronger cleaning ability, making housework easier.
  • Unique design: The unique design of the brush head, in a triangular shape, allows each side to clean deep into any corner of the toilet, leaving no blind spots. Easy to clean corners and hidden slots. Overall golf shape design with every curve well thought out.

  • High efficiency: The toilet recess no longer annoys you, efficient cleaning and the brush is easy to clean. The toilet brush bristles do not stick to the bristles, the brush will be clean once rinsed and the dirt will not remain, clean and hygienic!
  • Wall-mounted design: With hooks for no-punch, nail-free installation, sturdy, non-marking stickers, waterproof and moisture-resistant, long-lasting and stable
  • Durable and not easy to fall off. Convenient for daily cleaning.
  • Material: PP+TPR
  • Product colours: White / Blue / Black / Green / Grey
  • Product size:5*41*7.1CM
  • Product weight: 84g
  • Package Contents: 1 × Long-Handled Toilet Brush
Caution: Please allow slight measurement deviation due to manual measurement.

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