No-Tie Lacing System

No-Tie Lacing System

$13.99 $15.99
$13.99 $15.99


Whether it’s sneakers, boots, or kids’ shoes, this No-Tie Lacing System works on all types of shoes!It’s a unique lacing system that saves you time in tying shoelaces by trimming the laces and slipping your shoes on and off quickly.

They’re easy to install and adjustable, so just slip on your favorite pair of sneakers and go!


  • No-tie System: Revolutionary lacing clips that transform your shoes into slip-on shoes with a perfect fit, saving you time in tying and untying shoelaces.
  • Easy To Install:Just install and trim the laces so you can slip your shoes on and off whenever you like. No worries about untied shoelaces.

  • Long-lasting Elastic Laces: Made with zero-memory rubber that ensures a comfortable fit throughout your day.
  • Secure Fit:Anchor clips keep the laces on even through any intense activities.
  • Hidden And Visible Mode: Choose between setting them up on your favorite sneakers in showing them out or keeping them hidden.

  • Comfortable: Thin design and firmly holds your shoe but doesn't constrict or exert pressure on your foot. Comes in different bright colors.
  • Widely Applicable:Works on all types of shoes like sneakers, running shoes, boots, kids’ shoes, and more.
  • Perfect For All: Suitable for kids, adults, athletes, elderly folks, and people with limited mobility.


  • Size: 0.6cm x 105cm / 0.2" x 41.3"
  • Colour: As The Picture Shows
  • Package Includes: 2 x Elastic Laces, 4 x Lace Anchors

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