Rear View Car Mirror Rain Cover (1 pair)

Rear View Car Mirror Rain Cover (1 pair)


Born to Prevent Rain😎

The role of the rear-view mirror cannot be played in bad weather, which affects driving safety.



- Effectively divert rainwater: keep the mirror clear vision at all times

- Does not affect the shrinkage and folding of the rearview mirror

- Well-designed, simple installation

- Waterproof, protect you to have a safe drive

- Strong toughness, corrosion resistance, can be bent at will


- Material: Environmental protection soft glue

- Size: 175*50*5 mm / 7*2*0.2 in

- Color: black, white, little monster, grid

How to install:

1. Wipe the installation location clean.

2. Determine where to install.

3. Tear off a little adhesive.

4. Align the position and paste it on.

5. Press while tearing the glue.

6. After the installation is successful, press the position of the adhesive to make it stronger.


There may be slight deviation due to manual measure.

Package included:

1* Rear View Car Mirror Rain Cover (1 pair)




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