Three-Mode Adjustment Shower Heads

Three-Mode Adjustment Shower Heads


Are you still looking for a proper shower head for your bathroom? Here we come, with the most useful shower head that will give you a new experience of bath!



- Three position adjustment switch: There is a switch on the shower head that can be used to adjust three types of water.

- Switch button: The handle has a water stop button to make water easy and convenient.

- 360 degrees left and right rotation, 60 degrees up and down rotation: Give you better experience of use.

- Water saving: Pressurization with limited flow, finest water flow, pasta water.

- Standard interface (20 mm): Suitable for most household hoses.

- Removable design: Easy to clean and prevent clogging.


- Material: ABS

- Size of the top: 80*64mm

- Length of the hole shower head: 88+150mm

- Connection size: 20mm

- Color: Silver, White, Black, Blue


There may be slight deviation of size due to manual measure.

Package included:

1* Three-speed Adjustment Shower Heads

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